PAC - Programmable Automation Controllers

PAC - Programmable Automation Controllers

Motion Control SolutionDelta's Programmable Automation Control (PAC) features a perfect integration of motion control and logic programming control. It enables better synchronization with EtherCAT and DMCNET communication and can connect to various slave modules and servo systems with either an EtherCAT or DMCNET network interface. These communication interfaces offer high response and high precision control for more flexible operation, and are ideal for high-performance multi-axis motion control.
Delta's PAC enables a more effective industrial PC-based motion control solution to establish a simpler system featuring simple wiring, quick installation, fast communication, superior performance and less integration effort

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Ethernet Communication Devices

‧Combines the most popular Ethernet and industrial products
‧Crosses the boundary of traditional types of transmissions
‧Offers 10/100M bps high-speed transmission and highly efficient monitoring

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