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Building Management

Building Management
Delta's Building Management and Control System (BMCS) combines innovative software technology and various international protocols to effectively integrate heating and cooling sources, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, electricity, security and other building facilities. Building management software offers an all-in-one platform that integrates control and equipment operation management, and can connect to a wide range of office automation, hotel management, and property management systems. Delta's BMCS facilitates successful smart buildings and enhances operation efficiency.

The L-WEB System is a powerful building management system platform for managing distributed building automation systems of any size. Maximum flexibility and scalability is achieved through the LWEB-900 client/server architecture in combination with the distributed L-INX Automation Servers and L-ROC Room Controllers.

  • The L-WEB System serves to:
  • visualize customized graphic pages with dynamic content in a standard Web browser,
  • store and analyze long term data,
  • manage distributed time schedules,
  • manage alarms,
  • organize any kind of system parameters and data points,
  • manage all controller devices even from a remote location,
  • create reports, such as for documenting the energy consumption of a building.

  • L-WEB Building Management
    LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System
    The integrated building management software LWEB-900 provides a user interface to manage and operate a LOYTEC building management system. LWEB-900 is a highly flexible and scalable solution which accompanies you from
    installation and configuration of LOYTEC devices, all the way to daily operation of the facilities.

    LWEB-803 Visualization
    LWEB‑803 is a graphical user interface to visualize dynamic pages showing plant details or a virtual room operator
    panel on a Microsoft Windows PC.

    LWEB-802 Visualization via Web Browser
    LWEB‑802 is a platform independent graphical user interface to visualize dynamic pages showing plant details or a
    virtual room operator panel in a standard web browser.

    For more product information, please refer to the LOYTEC website.

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