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Delta is committed to developing cutting-edge building automation devices by leveraging the latest technologies to optimize building performance with efficient management. To build a seamless building management platform, Delta’s building automation products range widely from building management software to building control, high-efficiency LED drivers and luminaries for smart lighting solutions and intelligent video surveillance technologies for better building performance and operation efficiency.

As Delta’s subsidiaries Delta Controls and LOYTEC have the leading building automation technologies, they provides a wide range of building management and control products with multi-protocol support, such as building management software with an intuitive user interface, programmable controllers, gateways, touch panels, lighting controllers, and room controllers, which can fulfill the demands of building automation in commercial buildings, airports, hotels, shopping malls and more.

Delta LED products include drivers, industrial luminaires, and smart street light solutions, and our services include: lighting design, energy-saving plans for lighting systems, technical support, project management, and others.

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