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Safety is an essential aspect of a city to encourage its inhabitants. Safety and security have been given special attention under the Smart Cities Mission (SCM). CCTV Camera deployment, development of integrated command and control centers (ICCCs), creation of emergency response rooms etc. benefits the cities in lowering the crime rates, improving safety, and monitoring cities’ day-to-day activities in real-time.
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For a smart city, one of the significant resources to improve security and safety is the deployment of CCTV cameras. For which, high-resolution cameras with large storage capacity and use of advanced analytical tools are required. Besides monitoring the activities for crime prevention, cameras also help in managing emergencies. By keeping track of valuable information, the CCTV camera system can also issue alerts to the command and control center (CCC) in response to a variety of security issues.

Another technological advancement for Smart Cities is the setting up of ICCCs or smart city centers that connect various sections with the use of information and communications technology. The primary objective of an ICCC is to base it as a single source of information for various civic functions and provide a platform with the capability to receive, intelligently correlate and share information with stakeholders, as well as serve as an emergency and disaster management platform.

With technology growth, smart cities are encouraging the use of street lights with energy-efficient LEDs to reduce the carbon footprint and long-term operating costs. Real-time data allows lighting control as well as operation integration. It enables monitoring street disturbances and law and order situation through noise detection, CCTVs and community response, traffic flow monitoring, etc.

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